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Medicare Costs

Medicare Coverage Gaps | Medigap Coverage

Medicare Coverage

The Medicare Gap in Coverage

If you are on Medicare alone, you know that there are gaps in Medicare Coverage, there are deductibles for both Part A (periodical) and Part B (Yearly), also it only pays 20% of Medicare Approved amounts.  This is where a Medicare Supplement or Medigap supplemental Insurance plan comes in.  Call 920-545-4884 for details on how a Medicare Supplement can help cover the Medicare Coverage gaps.  Keep reading for just some of the things Medicare does not cover. 

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Medicare Supplement under 65

Medicare Supplement under 65 and Disabled

Medigap Insurance for People under 65 and Disabled

If you are enrolled in Original Medicare under 65 because of a disability, you might be qualified to buy a Medicare Supplement Insurance (Medigap) plan. Medicare Supplement Insurance will help deal with some of the healthcare expenses that come with Original Medicare.  Although the price for a Medicare Supplement under 65 are about twice as expensive.  Call us today 920-545-4884 for a Medicare Supplement Quote or see if a Medicare Advantage plan is a better fit for you.  

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Medicare Part D

Costs of the Medicare Part D

 Actual Costs of the 2018 Medicare Drug Plan 

Prescription drug coverage is a big deal. While the costs of prescription medications continue to rise, finding a way to mitigate your financial outlay becomes even more critical.  For personal information on a Medicare Part D or Medicare Supplement Quote, we are just a phone call away 920-545-4884.  For more details on Medicare Prescription Drug plans keep reading.

Without fail, every year brings changes to Medicare Part D by the CMS. Certainly, no one can accuse the office of being lazy. When the cost of prescription drugs go up, we can only assume that Part D premiums will follow. That just happens to be the case in 2018.

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Medigap vs Medicare Advantage Insurance

Medigap vs Medicare Advantage Insurance

Medigap or Medicare Advantage

It’s not unusual for people to confuse Medigap with Medicare Advantage Insurance. Most insurance plans confuse us because of the terminology used and the amount of nuances between each type. You can always call us at 920-545-4884 for a free consultation and explanation, but here’s what you need to know about Medigap vs Medicare Advantage Insurance.

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