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Medicare Supplement Plan N

Medigap Plan N

Medicare Supplement Plan N is fast becoming one of the top choices for Medicare Supplemental Insurance.  While the Plan N is one of the lowest cost Medigap plans, there are some costs and details that you need to know about, keep reading for all the information you need to know to make an educated decision.  If you would like a personal consultation, just call 844-528-8688 or you can enter your zip code on this page to compare rates.

Medicare Supplement Plan N

Plan N is one of the top three Medicare Supplement Plans, and is very good coverage, but, there are more out-of-pocket costs than the Medicare Supplement Plan G or Plan F, such as a copay for office visits and $50 for ER visits.

In today’s environment, I think that a Medigap Plan N needs to be discussed.   Like the Plan G you will have to pay the Part B deductible, but you will add to that the doctor’s office and ER copay’s.

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In addition to the deductible in copay’s you will be responsible for any Medicare Part B Excess chargers if any ever occur.

Medicare Supplement Plan N will cost less than say Plan G, 25% – 30% less, however, this plan is for those that would rather accept a little risk and out of pocket costs to keep the monthly premium low.  

You will have to look up the providers beforehand to ensure they agree to the Medicare assigned rates, or are assigned by Medicare. Doctors that agree to these Medicare assigned rates cannot charge an excess fee.


Medicare Part B Excess Charge

This excess fee is not covered by Plan N and will come out of your pocket.  There are States that do not charge the Excess charge and follow M.O.M. (Medicare overcharge Measure, those states are:

  1. Connecticut
  2. Massachusetts
  3. Minnesota
  4. New York
  5. Ohio
  6. Pennsylvania
  7. Rhode Island
  8. Vermont

If you live in one of the above states, a Medicare Supplement Plan N could be a very good choice.

What is Medigap Insurance

Medigap plans are offered by private insurance companies that are governed by state and federal mandates.  These are insurances that cover doctor visits, co-pays and more.  It is extra coverage to go along side your Medicare policy.  Medigap insurance is great for giving you a piece of mind.  

Knowing what your bills are on a fixed income is very helpful. Medigap insurances don’t cover prescription drugs after 2006.  Medigap insurances also don’t cover dental, vision, eyeglass and hearing aids. Standard Medigap insurances are labelled A-N with E, H, I and J no longer available for purchase.  Medigap insurance can be purchased 6 month after your Medicare enrollment and you are guaranteed coverage as a healthy person. After the open enrollment period is over, there are no guarantees.  And, is renewable for as long as you have Medicare and pay your premiums on time.

You may wait up to 6 months if you have a pre-existing condition for approval.  Medicare medigap insurances are designed to cover out of pocket expenses. In general the more things it covers the more costly it is.  It is advised to discuss with your insurance provider all the options available. Every Medigap insurance has pros and cons.

Medicare Supplement Plan N

Some things that the Medicare Plan N covers:

  • Part A Deductible
  • Part A Coinsurance
  • Part A Hospice Costs
  • Part B Coinsurance (other than the copay’s mentioned)
  • Skilled Nursing
  • Foreign Travel

If you were to need a blood transfusion up to 3 pints. Skilled Nursing care facility is covered 100% of the time. Plan N has a great value if you take the effort to find out what excess charges are and how to avoid them.

How to sign up for a Medicare Supplement Plan N

The Plan N extra risk and out-of-pocket costs, tend to confuse people.  The easiest way to find out if a Medicare Supplement Plan N is a good fit for you is to call 844-528-8688, we will give you an unbiased consultation on all the top Medicare Supplement Plans in your area.