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WPS Medicare Supplement Insurance

WPS, short for the Wisconsin Physicians Service Insurance Corporation, is a healthcare insurance provider for all ages and is headquartered in Wisconsin.  WPS of Madison Wisconsin insurance has a Medicare Supplement that, unlike most, pays for all things that Medicare does not. WPS does not allow their rates to be shown like most companies, so for a free consultation to compare Medicare Supplement rates and see if a WPS Medicare Supplement is right for you call us at 920-545-4884.  Please continue reading for more information.

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WPS is a Wisconsin Medicare and not-for-profit Health Insurance provider located in Monona, Wisconsin.  It was founded in 1946 to administer a non-profit insurance plan intended to help people having difficulty paying for health Care.  The company relocated from Milwaukee to the Madison area in 1950 and opened several sales offices across the state.

Wisconsin Medicare Supplements

Wisconsin Medicare Supplement Plans must offer the same benefits for each plan.  Example: A plan from company A with the base and all the riders must offer the same exact benefits as a plan with company B base and all the riders. This makes all Medicare Supplement Companies equal other than pricing. 

Where they can adjust benefits, is by offering coverage above and beyond what Medicare covers, for things such as preventative services.  This is where a WPS Medicare Supplement Plan outshines them all.  WPS covers all services that Medicare does not cover and this can be a huge relief for Wisconsin Medicare beneficiaries.

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WPS Medicare Does not allow rates to be shown, please call 920-545-4884 for Rates on a WPS Medicare Supplement Plan. To Compare rates of other Wisconsin Medicare Supplement Plans enter your information below.

WPS Medicare Supplemental Insurance

The insurance company, (WPS) offers traditional Medicare Part D and Medicare Supplement plans but also provides Medicare Parts A & B benefit administration (Medicare Advantage Plans) as well as other Medicare-related contracting work. Furthermore, WPS provides insurance solutions in the individual health insurance market, Medicaid, and ​TRICARE

Wisconsin Physicians Services Insurance Corporation (WPS) was established in 1946. The company is headquartered in Madison, Wisconsin. The insurer also has three wholly-owned subsidiaries:

  • Arise Health Plan
  • EPIC Life Insurance Company
  • WPS Community Bank

WPS Medicare Supplement also offers a discount of 7% when you and your spouse have a WPS Medicare plan, add to that the 2% discount when you sign up for automatic withdrawal payments and you are knocking 9% off the pricing of one of Wisconsin’s top Medicare supplement plans.

WPS Medicare Supplement Added Benefits

When you choose WPS for you get the free added benefit of the Silver & Fit healthy aging program.  This program gives you a  fitness club or exercise center membership at no extra cost.  The facility must be part of the Silver & Fit network, but the network includes Wisconsin locations of national fitness chains as well as dozens of regional local gyms.

With WPS Medicare supplemental coverage you also receive access to the EyeMed Vision Care discount program.  This program offers savings on eyecare and eyewear locations nationwide. The net work includes many well known providers such as:

  • LensCrafters
  • Pearle Vision
  • Shopko Optical
  • Target Optical

This program is not part of the insurance plan, but is offered at no charge.

Finally one of the most popular extra benefits to a WPS Medicare Supplement is the “Hear in America” program.  Let’s face it, as we age our hearing deteriorates, especially if you spent years working in loud factory or shop environment. 

  • The “Hear in America” Program offers such benefits as:
  • Free Hearing Screenings
  • Three Year Warranty on New Hearing Aids
  • Free Office Services (for 3 years)
  • Trial Period of 45 days
  • Discounts from 35-75% off of hearing aids from 9 Major Manufacturers 

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WPS Medicare Products

With regards to Medicare insurance plans, WPS provides Medicare Part D prescription drug plans and Medicare Supplement ((Medigap) plans. The WPS website boasts 24,000 enrollees in the company’s Medicare Part D plans and 35,000 enrollees in their Medicare Supplement plans.

The company’s MedicareRx stand-alone prescription drug plans are the only Part D plans in Wisconsin to have a 5-star rating in the 2015 plan year. The 5-star rating means Wisconsin Medicare beneficiaries can switch to the WPS MedicareRx plans anytime during the year, not only during the normal Medicare annual enrollment period.

In Wisconsin, the ten traditional lettered Medicare Supplement plan models are not offered. Residents of Wisconsin who are eligible for Medicare have guaranteed issue privileges to buy a Medicare Supplement policy.

Wisconsin has one type of Medicare Supplement policy, the Basic plan, but it has optional riders that can be purchased for supplemental benefits.  For more information see our article on Medicare Supplement Plans in Wisconsin.  Or call us for a free Medicare Supplement quote 920-545-4884.

WPS Medicare Supplemental Choices

Wisconsin Medicare Supplement Plans use a base plus optional riders to equal the benefits of the lettered Medicare Supplement plans.  This does not diminish the benefits in anyway it is just a difference in how they are standardized.

The benefits can vary from paying nothing out of pocket, which would equal a plan F to you paying all of the deductibles and only having the base which would cover just the 20% that Medicare does not cover.

We recommend the riders that would equal the benefits of a Plan G (in most of the country). This plan gives you the most amount of benefits for the least amount of premium.  

Your only out-of-pocket costs for Medical should be the Part B deductible which has been at $183.00 per year for the last couple of years.  A Medicare Supplement Plan G in Wisconsin would be the base and the following riders:

  1. Part A Deductible
  2. Part B Excess
  3. Foreign Travel
  4. Home Healthcare

The total list of available riders are below.

  1. Medicare 100% Part A deductible
  2. Medicare 50% Part A deductible
  3. Medicare 25% Part A Deductible
  4. Medicare Part B Deductible (available only with highest base pan option)
  5. Medicare Part B excess charges
  6. Additional Home Health Care coverage for up to 325 days beyond Medicare benefits
  7. For Travel Health Emergency (up to $100,000)

Please see the Outline of Coverage for a description of the benefits provided by this rider.

WPS Insurance

While the WPS health insurance for people on Medicare may cost a little more, it could save you money in the long run.  Medicare does not cover everything and if Medicare does not approve your procedure that would then be denied by most Medicare Supplement Plans.  

That means the full cost would come out of your pocket.  That is not the case with the WPS Medicare Plans with the full base and the riders you will get unlimited preventive benefits..  

WPS is one of the twenty Medicare Supplement companies that we are contracted with here at Medicare Solutions Team.  We are proud to work with the WPS family and admire their strong ethics.  It isn’t often you find a company that actually treats it customers as family.

For more information about the WPS Medicare Supplement Insurance Plan, call the Medigap specialists at Medicare Solutions Team (920) 545-4884.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does WPS stand for?

WPS is the acronym for Wisconsin Physicians Services Insurance Corpopration

When did WPS enter the Medicare Supplement Marketplace?

WPS created its Medicare Plus supplement plan in 1966 and it's now known as WPS Medicare Supplement Insurance.

What is the WPS "Hear in America" Program?

The Hear in America Program offers the following benefits: • Free Hearing Screenings • Three Year Warranty on New Hearing Aids • Free Office Services (for 3 years) • Trial Period of 45 days • Discounts from 35-75% off of hearing aids from 9 Major Manufacturers