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Wisconsin Medicare Supplement Plans

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Wisconsin Medicare Supplement

Wisconsin Medicare Supplement plans
AARP United Health Medicare supplement Plans
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Medicare Supplement Savings

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While the monthly premiums are very important, a companies rate increase history is also a key Component in maintaining costs.  We are contracted with over 20 Wisconsin Medicare Supplement Companies and we will compare all the rates to find you the perfect balance of coverage and cost. 

Medicare Advantage Networks

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What Network do You need

If you are going on a Wisconsin Medicare Advantage Plan we will find the company with the Network that has the doctor's you need in them. If your relationship with your current healthcare providers is Important to you we will do everything we can to keep them in Network.

Medicare Part D

Save $$ on Your Part D

We will run your prescriptions

Prescriptions are a different animal when you are on Medicare and if you buy your Medicare supplement plan with us, we will run your prescriptions for you to find the most cost effective Medicare Part D as an added benefit, even if you do not buy the Part D from us.

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Wisconsin Medicare Supplement

Medicare Supplement Information

We help seniors of any age, save on their Wisconsin Medicare Supplement Plans and Medicare Supplement Plans in 43 other states.  If you are new to Medicare we have a page designed just for you.  You can run a Free Medicare Supplement quote and see videos on ever part of Medicare. Our service to you is always FREE.

Wisconsin Medicare Supplement Plans

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Medicare Advantage Information

We realize that not everyone can afford the coverage of a Medicare Supplement.  You feel a Wisconsin Medicare Advantage plan is a better fit, we can still help.  We carry the top Medicare Advantage providers in the state.

Wisconsin Medicare Advantage Plans

Wisconsin Medicare Part D

Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Plans

When looking for the Best Medicare Part D, it can be very confusing. With Many Medicare Part D plans on the Market, it is very much a case by case situation.  What may be the best Medicare Part D for family and friends probably isn't the best for you.  It depends on the prescriptions you take and where you live.

Wisconsin Medicare Part D Plans

Wisconsin Medicare Supplement Plans

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Wisconsin Medicare Supplement Plans
Medicare Supplement Plans

Medicare Supplements NOT in Wisconsin

If you have been searching the internet for Medicare Supplement Quotes, you have probably seen tons of information on Plan G, Plan F or Plan N.  As of now the two most popular plans are Plan G and Medicare Supplement Plan N.  For information on Medicare and Medicare Supplement Plans not in Wisconsin click the button below.

Medicare Supplements in Wisconsin On Disability

If you are on Medicare under the age of 65 because of disability,  a Wisconsin Medicare Supplement Plan can be purchased.  One fact that you need to be aware of, is that they will be approx double the price of someone that is 65 years old.  Because they know you are on Medicare for disability they rate you as "High Risk".  You will get another Medicare Supplement Open Enrollment in the State of Wisconsin when you turn 65.  Until then most clients choose to go with a Medicare Advantage Plan.

Wisconsin Medicare Supplement Companies

Several companies offer Wisconsin Medicare Supplement Plans, and all must offer the exact same benefits.  The pricing and rate increase history varies from company to company.  You can read our medigap company reviews by clicking here.  Below we have listed our top ten companies for Wisconsin Medicare Supplements in no specific order.

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**  Some Companies offer "Household Discounts" others offer "Spousal Discounts" and some companies will have up coming rate increases.  Unless you work with these companies on a daily basis, as we do, you would have no way of knowing these details, and the rates you see could be higher than you actually would need to pay.

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Wisconsin Medicare Advantage Plans

AARP United Health Medicare supplement Plans
Humana Medicare Medicare Advantage Plans
WPS Medicare Supplement
Network Health Medicare Advantage Plans
Security Health Medicare Advantage Plans

Medicare Advantage

People often call anything they have associated with their Original Medicare a Medicare Supplement, but that cannot be more incorrect.  A Medicare Supplement or Medigap, does exactly what the name says, it Supplements Medicare by paying what Medicare does not or filling the gaps in Medicare.  

A Medicare Advantage Plan is a Private Insurance Company that is contracted by Medicare to administrate your Medicare coverage.  In other words you are getting your Medicare Care Coverage through the Insurance company such as WPS or United Health.  

You do not lose your Medicare parts A & B, you are just receiving them from the insurance carrier.  One major benefit of a Medicare Advantage plan in Wisconsin is that they have a maximum out-of-pocket that original Medicare does not.  These plans were once referred to as Medicare replacement plans.

Medicare Advantage Plan Quote

With the many moving parts of a Medicare Advantage Plan, such as networks and service area, it is best to call us at 920-545-4884 for a quote.  When you call we can find which plans are offered in your area and then down to which one your doctors are in network with.

Medicare in Wisconsin

While Medicare in Wisconsin (original Medicare) is the same as the rest of the country, the plans that go with it are very different.   A Wisconsin Medicare Supplement or Wisconsin Medicare Advantage plan can have the same benefits there, is just a different route to getting there.  I know this sound confusing, but we have all the resource you need to navigate the Medicare and Medicare Supplemental Insurance in Wisconsin.  There is never a fee for our services and we would be glad to give you a Medicare Supplement Quote on all the top providers in your area.  Just call or email us for your free Medicare in Wisconsin consultation, let us do the work for you.  For some quick answers take a look at our Medicare frequently asked questions page.

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Loran did a nice job of explaining Medicare supplement plans and what plan was best for me. He represents a number of Insurance companies and supplied us with prices from a variety of companies before we met with him. He took the time to explain Part D to us so we would be familiar with that also. He was friendly, professional and we enjoyed working with him.

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Since becoming a client approximately 2to 3 years ago. It has been a relief to know that someone is capable to find the exact coverage so that the out lay of money is not great and the coverage is excellent. I am very glad that someone I trust recommended Loran to me,,,,,,,,For this I will always be greatful. Plus near the policy 's end he is johnny on the spot for calling and making sure I am ready for the changes that will be coming.....I would urge anyone who has issues with Insurance call Loran,
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