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UnitedHealth Medicare Advantage Plans

UnitedHealth Medicare Plans

UnitedHealth Medicare Advantage Plans have to be at the top of the list When searching for a Medicare Advantage Plan in Wisconsin. There are many different companies vying for your business. If you’re having trouble sorting one out from the others, don’t hesitate to give us a call at 920-545-4884. We can help you find the perfect Wisconsin Medicare Advantage Plan to fit your needs. This report will offer an in-depth examination of what UnitedHealth Advantage Plans have to offer.

Medicare Advantage Plans Are Not Medicare Supplement Plans

Remember that a Medicare Advantage Plan is not Medicare Supplemental Insurance.  People will call anything they have a Medicare Supplement, but that is not correct.  

To put it simply, a Medicare Supplement Plan covers what Medicare doesn’t, such as coinsurance, copay’s and deductibles, there are no networks with a Medicare Supplement Plan, any doctor anywhere in the United States that accepts Medicare.  

A Medicare Advantage Plan is a private insurance company, such as UnitedHealth or Humana administering your Medicare benefits.  You will have copay’s for most procedures and have a network of doctors and hospitals that you will need to stay in. 

UnitedHealth have both types of plans, the UnitedHealth Medicare Supplement and the UnitedHealth Medicare Advantage Plans.

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Medicare Advantage Plans | UnitedHealth

The first thing to realize is that UnitedHealth doesn’t actually supply Medicare coverage. They actually partner with an outside agency, UnitedHealthcare, to deliver UnitedHealth Medicare Advantage Plans to members throughout the United States.

In essence, UnitedHealth is using their brand strength and impressive share of the market to provide a service that they could otherwise not offer.

UnitedHealthcare is one of the largest health insurance providers in the country, offering a full range of individual, family, employer, and Medicare health plans.

This means that when you enroll in Medicare Part C from UnitedHealth, you are protected by their financial stability and consistent track record, while also receiving coverage from a trusted name in the medical insurance industry.

UnitedHealthcare has been delivering Medicare benefits for 40 years and provided more than 4 million members with Advantage Plans in 2017. A.M. Best has awarded the company’s financial strength with a rating of A, and they’ve received an A+ from the Better Business Bureau.

They are a longstanding, fiscally responsible medical insurance provider with a strong and loyal customer base.

Benefits of UnitedHealth Medicare Advantage Plans

Those high ratings were earned for a reason. Here are just some of the benefits you’ll receive when you choose UnitedHealthcare for your Wisconsin Medicare Advantage Plan:

Time-tested Medicare Experts

Two out of every ten Medicare recipients receive their coverage from UnitedHealthcare. They are the largest business serving the medical insurance needs of retirees, seniors, and Medicare beneficiaries.

When you choose an Advantage Plan through UnitedHealth, you aren’t just choosing some fly-by-night local provider. You are choosing a well-established national brand with decades of Medicare experience and a track record of customer care.

Custom Fit Health Care Plans

UnitedHealth Medicare Advantage Plans offer a plan for everyone. From their low premium HMOs to more flexible PPOs, and everything in-between, you’ll be able to find a plan that fits your needs perfectly. These aren’t one-size-fits-all health care plans, because UnitedHealthcare knows that your medical plan should be as unique as you are.

They even offer a number of Special Needs Plans for recipients in exceptional circumstances, such as those with both Medicare and Medicaid and those residing in skilled nursing facilities. Although the variety of options might seem complex, our team of licensed Medicare agents can help you determine exactly what plan fits you.

Original Medicare Plus

When you enroll in a Medicare Advantage Plan from UnitedHealth, you aren’t sacrificing your Medicare Part A and B coverage.

You’re just adding on to it and letting a private company provide your benefits. Depending on the plan you choose, you can expand your Original Medicare with options like dental coverage, vision care, and a nurses advice hotline.

One Single Benefits Card

When you enroll in prescription drug coverage as part of your Medicare Advantage Plan with one of the UnitedHealth Medicare Advantage Plans, you’ll have just one card to cover all of your medical needs.

With traditional Medicare, you could end up juggling as many as three cards (one for Original Medicare, one for prescriptions, and one for Medigap).

Although the number of cards might seem like a small concern, a little convenience goes a long way. Anything that can cut down on the hassle of medical care is worth considering.

UnitedHealth Medicare Advantage Plan Options

UnitedHealthcare offers four different types of regular UnitedHealth Medicare Advantage Plans. They vary widely on aspects like out-of-pocket expenses, coverage network, and referral restrictions.

 You should consider your own medical, lifestyle, and budget needs before choosing which type of plan works best for you. If you aren’t quite sure, feel free to contact us for a more detailed explanation of your options.

HMO Plans. Low Cost, Restricted Network

An HMO (or Health Managed Organization) UnitedHealth Medicare Advantage Plan typically offers the lowest out-of-pocket expenses in the form of premiums and deductibles. However, the savings come at a cost. For most non-emergency services, you are limited to choosing from providers in a local network of UnitedHealthcare partners.

This means that you might need to change doctors if your current physicians isn’t part of the HMO, and it also means that your benefits could be severely restricted if you travel out of the state. Choose an HMO if you plan to stay local and don’t really care which doctor you see

POS Plans. Mid Range Cost, Limited Out-of-Network Options

A point-of-service (POS) plan is similar to an HMO in which you will generally need to work with UnitedHealthcare’s network of care providers. However, for many services, you can choose a doctor outside of this network at a higher cost.

Not all services are covered out-of-network, however, so you’ll need to check your plan to be sure. POS plans provide a middle ground between HMOs and PPOs in that you have freedom to choose your doctor without the high premiums of PPOs

PPO Plans. High Cost, Unlimited Out-of-network Options

The PPO (or preferred provider organization) is by far the easiest plan to work with. You can see any doctor for any service, with no referrals required.

Out-of-network doctors will still cost you more, and PPOs have the highest premiums of all the options. So, your convenience does come at a cost.


PFFS Plans. No Network

A private fee for service (PFFS) plan is a special type of Medicare Advantage Plan that does not include a network of physicians.

However, each individual doctor can decide whether or not to accept the terms of your PFFS plan, making this one of the more complicated plans to work with. However, it does offer lower costs than other non-network Medicare options, such as Original Medicare combined with Medigap.

UnitedHealth Medicare Special Needs Plan Options

In addition to the regular plans described above, UnitedHealth Medicare Advantage Plans also offer fours Special Needs Plans (SNPs) to cover extraordinary circumstances.

Dual Eligible Plans | Medicare + Medicaid

Dual Eligible Plans are meant for those who will be receiving both Medicare and Medicaid at the same time. You will typically be restricted to a network of local providers, with the option to work outside the network at an additional cost.

Institutional Plans. For Skilled Nursing Facilities

These special plans are meant for those who live in a skilled nursing facilities or similar long term care institution requiring regular care and coordination of a nurse practitioner. These plans are typically limited to a network of providers in order to receive the best rates

Institutional-Equivalent Plans. Assisted Living + Skilled Nursing

These plans are for people who require special nursing care but choose to reside in an assisted living community. For example, if you would require the same type of care as someone in a skilled nursing facility but are already living in an assisted living community, this might be the plan for you.

Chronic Condition Plans. For Special Health Conditions

Some medical conditions, like diabetes and cardiovascular disease, are so unique that they require their own health plan. UnitedHealthcare offers a variety of plans that are specially crafted to fit the needs of those suffering from chronic health conditions like these.

 To learn more about these Special Needs Plans and find out if any of them would work for you, just call us for a free consultation at 920-545-4884.

Why Consider a Medicare Advantage Plan from UnitedHealth

If we haven’t already made it clear, getting your Medicare Advantage Plan from UnitedHealth means that you will have a lot of control over choosing exactly the right coverage to fit your needs. But that’s not all they have to offer.

First, many of the plans offered by UnitedHealthcare come with an annual out-of-pocket expense limit. This is a guarantee you can not get with Original Medicare.

It basically means that you know ahead of time the maximum possible amount you could pay for medical expenses every year, regardless of how catastrophic or expensive of an emergency you encounter.

 Furthermore, while the restrictions of HMOs might seem like a hassle to some, they are a sign that UnitedHealthcare really does want to see you get the best medical care available. Their network of providers are chosen under the premise that a team of coordinated health care professionals working together regularly can provide the best possible service to patients. With the UnitedHealthcare network, you know that every doctor you see—from your primary care physician to your chiropractor to your cardiologist—is working together to keep you healthy.

Wisconsin Medicare Advantage Plans - UnitedHealth

No two people are exactly the same, and neither are their healthcare needs. Whether you are soon approaching Medicare eligibility or considering changing coverage after being enrolled for years, you need to find the right plan for you.

While UnitedHealth offers a strong mix of plans to cover many different situations, UnitedHealth Medicare Advantage Plans are not for everyone. You may also be considering Medicare Supplement Insurance, an alternative to extending Original Medicare that cannot be combined with Part C. For an in-depth look at the two, be sure to read our Medigap vs. Medicare Advantage guide.

If you’re ready to enroll in one of UnitedHealthcare Medicare Advantage Plans, or if you’ve just got questions about how to find the best Medicare coverage to fit your life, give us a call at 920-545-4884 or contact a member of the Medicare Solutions Team through our online form. We’re ready to listen to your needs.